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Find new leads on LinkedIn

Find new leads on LinkedIn

Search in your target audience on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator. Add leads to your campaign or export to a CSV.

Scrape up to 2,500 leads from LinkedIn & Sales Navigator
Collect LinkedIn prospects with valuable data, including name, company, job title, location, email address, and more
Import a custom list via Google Sheet or Export it to a CSV
Personalize outreach at scale

Personalize outreach at scale

Go beyond "Firstname" personalization. Add specific details to each message to make it personal and unique.

Preview your messages before your campaign starts
Personalize your messages with smart placeholders like today's weekday: Happy Monday or dynamic IF/ELSE
Write unique conversation openers and call-to-actions
Automate your follow-ups

Automate your follow-ups

Create drip campaigns with follow-ups in minutes, and reach the right people at the right time.

Reach your leads during their work hours to boost replies
Automatically detect when a person replies to continue the follow-up manually or return them to the sequence
Build multichannel sequences with Integrations
Keep your LinkedIn account safe

Keep your LinkedIn account safe

Get access to advanced security features to keep your account safe and prevent it from being flagged by LinkedIn.

Get a unique IP address from your region for each account
Avoid getting restricted with smart limits and usage to comply with LinkedIn rules, resulting in a 0% ban rate
Mimic human behavior in a cloud-based tool

You're in good company

What do they say?

We've tried many tools on the market, and Icereach is a must-have for a LinkedIn lead generation agency. Icereach allows us to scale the number of client LinkedIn accounts we can manage.
Sales development agency
Such a reliable tool for LinkedIn Automation! We use Icereach to turn LinkedIn outreach into free trial signups. It allows us to reach out to our target audience through relevant and personal messages at scale.
Marek Hozak
Marketing Manager,
Great tool! Up and running immediately, and we had massive success using Icereach to scale our LinkedIn outreach. Request a demo if you are still in doubt. You won't be disappointed.
Tomas Sroka
Co-Founder, Visitero

Secure software you can trust

Avoid getting restricted by LinkedIn with our unique IP address from your country, smart limits, and usage to comply with LinkedIn rules resulting in a 0% ban rate. Outreach at scale with Icereach is entirely safe and secure.

Your unique IP address

Your unique IP address

To prevent detection by LinkedIn, each account you add gets its unique IP address from your country.

Cloud-based tool

Cloud-based tool

Icereach is safe cloud-based software. Your computer doesn't have to be on to run campaigns.

Mimics human behavior

Mimics human behavior

Our algorithm uses random delays between LinkedIn actions to ensure all actions look natural.

Smart limits

Smart limits

Automatically randomize the maximum number of invitations and messages sent per day to comply with the LinkedIn limits.

Auto warm-up your account

Auto warm-up your account

Just like athletes warm-up before a game, Icereach enables you to gradually increase the daily limits of invitation requests to reduce risk.

! 😉
I'm Matt,
technical co-founder
Integrate the tools you use

Integrate the tools you use

Easily connect and send your prospects' data to your CRM or marketing platform like HubSpot, Pipedrive, or Salesforce.
Connect with 3,000+ apps through Zapier, Integromat, or a custom-made webhook with just a few clicks.

Frequently asked questions

Decide if Icereach is right for you

What is cloud-based automation?

Our platform runs in the cloud. It means you don't need to use browser extensions to automate outreach on LinkedIn. It works automatically even when you are not online.

Can I manage multiple LinkedIn accounts?

Sure! You can add and manage an unlimited number of LinkedIn accounts. You'll be able to easily switch and share resources between connected LinkedIn accounts.

Is it safe to use a LinkedIn Automation tool?

Icereach combines several security measures and comply with LinkedIn rules resulting in a 0% ban rate. With each account, you'll get access to a unique IP address from your region, smart limits, automatic warm-up to ensure safety.
Icereach runs safely in the cloud, based on your daily work schedule, and mimics human behavior to ensure all LinkedIn actions are made naturally without causing suspicion.

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How to get more leads using a LinkedIn Automation tool?

You can use LinkedIn Automation tools like Icereach to outreach at scale and turn more prospects into leads. To begin, create a prospect list of people in your target audience, and add them to your automated campaign.
A sales campaign automatically sends personalized invitations and follow-ups while you focus on your business. You just collect positive replies and save hours of manual work with LinkedIn automation.

Do I need LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator?

Icereach is compatible with LinkedIn Basic, LinkedIn Premium, and Sales Navigator. You don't need LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator to use Icereach.
However, you might run into a limited amount of visible search results if you often search using only a basic LinkedIn account.

Can I integrate with our CRM or marketing platform?

Yes, you can easily sync data from Icereach to your CRM and push leads to your campaigns in Icereach via Zapier or MAKE (Integromat).
Easily connect with tools in your existing workflow. Connect your account to 3000+ web apps, including Hubspot, Pipedrive, Copper, Salesforce, and Google Sheets through integration with just a few clicks.

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How do I get charged exactly?

You start with a 7-day free trial with all features included to test the platform, during which you can cancel anytime directly in your account.
Afterward, you get charged per LinkedIn account on which you run automation. Visit pricing below to learn more.

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Do I need to keep my browser open for Icereach to work?

No, you don't have to, and that's one of the most significant advantages of using Icereach as your LinkedIn automation tool. The software runs 100% in the cloud, based on your daily work schedule.

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Icereach is a safe cloud-based automation platform that helps you generate more business from LinkedIn.

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