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7 LinkedIn Outreach B2B Templates That Get Replies in 2021

Matt Hlavacka
Matt Hlavacka
March 1st, 2022
growth hacks

When I opened LinkedIn today, I had 6 connection requests waiting for me and all of them said the exact same thing:

I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

It baffles me that everyone isn’t personalizing their invitations to connect — in fact, only a few people do. Those first 300 characters carry a lot of power.

How much time and effort should you devote to it? Just like in real life, business relationships take time to develop. It's an investment.

If you're in the B2B space, you can't afford to ignore a platform with over 600 million professionals actively using it worldwide. Whether you want to sell products, increase revenue, or boost brand awareness, you should have no trouble finding a welcoming pool of potential customers to dive in.

On LinkedIn, often a well-crafted customized message can go a long way. However, you might find it hard to know what to write in that message box.

That’s why I’ve created 7 LinkedIn outreach templates for B2B, so no matter who you’re connecting with, you’ll have the perfect words. (Of course, you’ll want to customize them to appeal to your target audience.

In this guide, I’ll share with you step-by-step how to achieve your outreach goal, all while automating the process.

Let’s get started.

Make it genuine on 100%

Cold outreach on LinkedIn is similar to the cold messages you send via email. Your message will probably not be well received if you just throw your offer immediately out there with no personal context.

You should aim for cold outreach that not only sparks interest but also resonates with your prospects. Be sure to add your unique touch and try to wait with the pitch until you’ve gotten further along in the relationship.

Before we jump into the B2B LinkedIn outreach templates, it’s important to note that each approach has its own set of challenges and target audience. Each technique is named after the purpose for which the template is recommended.

However, with the right personalization, any of these B2B LinkedIn outreach templates can be applied to different scenarios. You’ll want to customize them as much as possible to appeal to your intended audience.

Last but not least, keep in mind that where I use brackets {…}, it shows you a variable that you’ll need to adjust for each prospect in your campaign.

Now let’s take a closer look at the LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies that you can start using right now to boost your outreach.

Boost brand awareness


Many online businesses view LinkedIn outreach solely in the terms of sales. However, cultivating a strong relationship with customers is one of the most effective marketing strategies for increasing sales performance and building customer loyalty.

We used this template to grow a high-quality network in a small market where it's difficult to enter as a newcomer. The template below provides a way to categorize each prospect upfront and reach out to each group separately to build relationships with people from LinkedIn groups.


Connection request:

Hello, {first_name}.

I’m also part of {name_of_the_group}.

Your name has popped up on the list here. I hope we can exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Best wishes, {my_first_name}

The first follow-up message after acceptance:

Thanks for connecting with me! I'm glad to be part of your professional network.

1. Not-interested

Wait for a response to your initial follow-up. The goal is to initiate a conversation.

2. People from the companies related to your field and interests.

Visit their profile. Wait to see if they visit back, and if they do, send a second follow-up message:

Hi {first_name},

I came across your profile earlier and thought I’d reach out to see if you're available to chat/meet soon.

Have a great day!


3. People who can be beneficial to me.

Second follow-up message:

Hello, {first_name}.

I see you work as {job_title} at {company_name}. Often, I like to have a brief call with my new connection so we can explore how we may help each other now or in the future.

I'd be happy to share some LinkedIn or marketing insights that you or your marketing team might find useful.

If you’re interested, I invite you to visit {your_calendy_link} and select a time that is convenient for you.

Looking forward to speaking with you.


4. High-profile individuals and business owners

Second follow-up message:


After connecting, I came back to your profile and noticed that you are the owner/{job_title}/founder of {company_name}.

We recently helped a SaaS company in increasing their response rate on LinkedIn by 25%. My team published a case study demonstrating how we did it, and I believe it is applicable to you and {your_industry}.

You can find a copy here {link_to_LinkedIn/blog_post}

Looking forward to learning from one another.

Best wishes,


Most marketing and software companies use the template above to find out if people are interested in what they have to offer.

Why has it been successful?

Do you know why I love using this template so much?

1. There is a common interest

Each member of the group has something in common with other group members, in terms of interests and ideas. Try to connect with members who have been active within the last 30 days.

2. Actions based on the response

We classify each prospect into a sub-group based on their response, which allows us to re-target the prospect with the ideal product or service.

3. Trust

People prefer to connect with people they feel they can trust. What is better than shared interests?

Outreach influencer audience template


First, we looked for an industry expert in “LinkedIn marketing” in “USA, Canada and Europe” and industry “Marketing & Advertising”. Using the LinkedIn search, we skimmed through the popular posts and came across Artem Smirnov. 

Why did we pick his post? It reads “How to get more clients on LinkedIn”, and that’s exactly what our target audience is looking to achieve.


We now need to collect all the profiles that interacted with the post. You’ll be soon able to do this automatically, simply copy-paste the post URL into LeadAutomate.


Connection Request:

Hi, {first_name}! I noticed you're also a fan of Artem Smirnov's marketing tips. Getting new ideas on how to scale LinkedIn lead generation is always beneficial.

Let’s connect. {my_full_name}

First follow-up message after acceptance:

Great to be connected, {first_name}!

Which of Artem's lead generation techniques have you found to be the most effective?

I recently published a step-by-step LinkedIn marketing guide. It includes the templates and resources that assisted me in scaling a large a significant amount of conversations. I thought you might find it interesting.

So here it is: {link_to_article}

Second follow-up a week later:

Hi {first_name}, I was curious if you had the chance to check out the article. I'd love to hear your opinions if it provided you any fresh ideas for your LinkedIn growth strategy.

Third follow-up:

Hello, {first_name},

I know it's a stressful time right now. I hope you're safe and healthy. I will leave my Calendly link here.

Whenever you have the time, I would be glad to discuss any feedback you may have about the article or simply exchange growth tips.


Why has it been successful?

1. There is a shared interest

We are starting a conversation already knowing our targets are interested in a topic from the beginning.

2. Call-to action

Ending a message with a Calendly link or inquiring when the prospect is available next are both excellent options.

3. Creating interest

We offer free valuable content instead of pestering them with pitches to seel them a marketing tool. This demonstrates credibility.

Recruitment template


The majority of qualified candidates are busy and receive various offers each week. We recommend opting for hyper-personalization to catch the interest of the potential applicant.


Connection Request:

Hello, {first_name},

I hope everything is going well for you. Looks like you've been extremely successful at {their_current_company}. If you ever consider changing jobs, {your_company} would be thrilled to welcome someone with {list_their_skills} and enthusiasm to the team.

I am confident that you'd be an excellent fit for a {position} in {location}.

Are you interested in having a chat?

Thank you, {your_name}!

First follow-up message:

Happy connecting {first_name}!

Just checking to see if you received my last message? I still believe that you'd be a great candidate for a {role} that we have open at {your_company}. Drop me a message when you have some free time, and we set up a call.

Best wishes, {your_name}

Why has it worked?

See, it doesn't take much to build that perfect recruiting strategy.

1. Customization to the maximum

We made the offer more attractive by listing the skills they have listed on their LinkedIn profiles. It stands out in the sea of job offers created for an entire list of potential candidates. You can also include details about their previous work experience or accomplishments.

2. A follow-up message

A follow-up message puts the ball back in the candidate court and demonstrates genuine interest.

3. Future opportunity

Even if the candidate isn't interested in the position right now, they want to keep a recruiter among their connections in case they want to change employment in the future.

Honorary mention

Take a look at the following message I received:


Why did I feel compelled to respond to this message? They offered a terrific incentive for me to provide a list of potential candidates who I believed would be interested and qualified for the job.

Here goes my response:


He got the answer he was looking for, as well as a potential candidate out of it. It strikes me as a clever approach to delegating work to others.

Book more demos within 2nd-degree connections in your field template


The intention was to boost the number of scheduled demo calls within our extended network with this template. We searched for a "Marketing manager" and "2nd degree connections".



Connection request:

Hey {first_name}, you showed up in my feed and I have to say — you’re one of the most intriguing personalities on LinkedIn.

Saw we share a few mutual friends on here as well, so I decided to join up.

Let’s connect?!


First follow-up after they accepted:

Thank you for accepting!

I recently released "{your_latest_blog} or {your_recent_post_with_higher_engagement}” on a topic you might be interested in.

I'd really appreciate if you could give me some input.

Cheers, {your_name}

Second follow-up message:

Seems like this isn’t relevant at the moment. If I’m wrong, just let me know.

Otherwise, if you're ever curious about the {article_post_you_shared}, ping me down the road :)



PS - If you change your mind or have some free time, feel free to use the link below to schedule a free strategy call: {calendy_link}

Why has it worked?

1. Sense of humor

To begin with, humor and making others laugh is a cure for every pain. It is a great way to break the ice.

2. Being persistent in a pleasant, non-pushy manner

Additionally, reducing the ask by including your calendly link at the end enhances the likelihood of the positive outcome you tried to achieve.

Key takeaways

LinkedIn outreach takes some effort but equipped with this guide, you'll be well on your way to maximize your connection and replies.

Keep in mind these templates are only meant to serve as a guide, and we want you to keep your outreach as organic as you can. You'll have to experiment until you find your go-to message. The more you make it about your prospects, the more it will resonate with them.

A perfect method to assess if your outreach is the right one is to ask yourself: "Will I respond to THIS message if I get ten cold messages a day on LinkedIn?"

If not, play around with your messaging until you find what works best for you. If you answered yes, now is the time to think about how you might increase your reach. What better approach to speed up the lead generation process than to automate it?

What better way to speed up the process of generating leads than safe automation? Join our demo call to learn how LeadAutomate can help you achieve your outreach target while automating the process.

Finally, if you're interested in this type of content, we talk about it in our community. Join Us! and let's rock together. Now you know how to create LinkedIn messages that get replies.

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