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7 Key Benefits of Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator In 2022 & Beyond

Matt Hlavacka
Matt Hlavacka
November 30th, 2022
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps sales teams manage their pipeline and fine-tune their prospecting effort through search filters, personalized algorithms, alerts, and boolean search options.

Simply put, this software gives you the option to reach an extended network of professionals and decision-makers.

The biggest advantage is that you’ll get to narrow down your searches to only match professionals relevant to the industry you’re targeting and people that are interested in your products or services. Thus, avoiding time wasted on sales pitches that are going nowhere.

In this article, we will list and explain the seven key benefits of Linkedin Sales Navigator to take your prospecting process to the next level.

1. Fine-Tune Your Targeted Audience

With Linkedin Sales Navigator, you can leverage the boolean search and use a combination of keywords tied together with operators like ‘AND,’ ‘OR,’ and ‘NOT’ to define, broaden, or limit search results.

For example, if you want to search for profiles that include one or more related terms, you can separate those with the modifier ‘OR.’ On the other hand, if you’d like to exclude terms, use ‘NOT.’

So when targeting CEOs, you can type down “CEO” OR “Chief Executive Officer,” NOT “Assistant.” This query should generate a list of CEOs, excluding anyone who is an assistant to the CEO.


Pro Tip: Remember to use quotes to search for an exact phrase with multiple words. Otherwise, the search will consider there is an AND modifier between those terms.

If you don’t use the quotes, “Marketing Assistant” will become Marketing AND Assistant and will generate a list of people working in both marketing roles or any kind of assistant roles.


While the classic search bar feature can help you filter your search by location, industry, or company, Sales Navigator searches go even further with options such as:

  • Leads following your company

  • Leads mentioned in the news

  • Leads with recent job changes

  • Leads with recent LinkedIn activity

  • Leads with shared experiences/commonalities

  • Location by region/state

  • Posted content keyword

  • Seniority level

  • Recent senior leadership changes

And many more…

sales_navigator_premium_filters You can also include or exclude keywords to narrow down prospects even further.

These filters significantly improve your chances of reaching your desired target groups. Coupled with the option of saving your searches, you can constantly improve and optimize your list with less effort.


2. Keep Everything Organized

A big part of Sales Navigator is your pipeline management.

This means you can use the tool to create projects for your searches, customize lists, and get notifications and recommendations for leads, updates, and connections.

You’ll be able to neatly organize your outreach campaigns and their respective lists, making it easier to follow the progression of your goals and complex strategies.

3. Keep Up with Changes in Your Prospects’ Profiles (and Professional Lives)

A good salesperson knows what is going on in their clients’ lives. An even better salesperson knows what is happening with their potential clients as well.

Some people in your list might be a close match to your ideal target audience, but for one reason or another, they’re not quite ready to buy.

Perhaps the company’s top management is not convinced by your pitch or is not ready to dig into new strategies that align with your product or service.

Regardless of the reason, it doesn’t mean you can’t close the deal along the line.

If you’ve managed to build a decent rapport with these potential leads, make sure to leave the door open for potential future opportunities.


Save these contacts in your prospecting list and use alerts based on job changes or keyword mentions to be notified when their circumstances change. A job change for them can turn into a new client for you.

4. Personalize Your Interactions

Use the info you gather with Sales Nav to personalize your interactions with potential leads.

For example, if you notice one of your leads has changed their job or has been promoted, don’t hesitate to congratulate them on their new role and ask if you can be of any help.

LinkedIn tells us that 93% of buyers are more likely to engage if a salesperson provides personalized communications.

Sales Navigator gives you the option to learn a lot about your leads very quickly. Don’t underutilize this power. Use the information when messaging prospects.

5. Linkedin Sales Navigator Integrates with Multiple Cloud-Based Outreach Tools

The only aspect lacking with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is the ability to also automate the process of sending messages.

Luckily, you can count on cloud-based outreach tools to step in and help turn your Sales Navigator searches into outreach campaigns.

Icereach, for one, offers the option to simply paste your Navigator search URL in the audience section and will automatically import and save your contact list with all of the fields pre-filled.


You’ll be able to create multiple campaigns based on all of your searches and send personalized invites with follow-ups to 20+ leads per day on autopilot.

6. Best Platform for Marketing and Sales Teams

With Linkedin Sales Navigator, you can onboard your marketing and sales team, run effective campaigns, and reach company goals in no time. It acts like a bridge between your marketing and sales team.

Linkedin Sales Navigator features give each team member of your company the ability to:

  • Make and save a list of up to 5,000 prospects

  • Send 30 InMails every month

  • Tap into one another’s network to find better prospects via. TeamLink

  • Integrates with every team member’s Salesforce account (if they have one)

  • Generates reports for you and your team to monitor regularly

And much more…

7. Schedule Meetings Using Email Reminders

Scheduling meetings automatically is one of the best Linkedin Sales Navigator benefits. But for this to work, there are two things you need:

  1. You must send an InMail to the prospect (not a normal connect message)

  2. Your prospect must enable the Linkedin Calendar integration

When you send an InMail, and your prospect doesn’t reply for a while, it automatically sets a reminder on their calendar that pop’s up and reminds them to schedule a meeting with you. Pretty neat!


We no longer live in the era of the door-to-door salesman. The sales industry has gone digital, and LinkedIn is the best avenue to reach and connect with your clients.

When you combine outreach efforts and strategies with tools that automate your process, LinkedIn posts, interactions, and group conversations, you have the opportunity of reaching a larger pool of potential clients than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Is Linkedin Sales Navigator Worth It?

If we talk about prospecting, ‘there’s no better platform than Linkedin Sales Navigator.’ That’s because the tool gives you untapped access to Linkedin’s 875 million profiles.

What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Used For?

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a sales intelligence tool built specifically for sales professionals to connect with potential buyers and pitch their products or services. The tool has powerful search capabilities, filters to refine prospecting, and provides real-time data.

Does Linkedin Sales Navigator Provide Email Addresses?

For all your direct prospects, you can find their email address under the contact information section of their profile (if they have mentioned it). But the same isn’t applicable for 1st and 2nd/3rd-degree connections.

To get your prospects’ emails, it’s better to use a Linkedin email finder extension or software like Reply, GetProspect, or Snov.

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