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Top 10 LinkedIn Outreach Agencies for Lead Generation

Matt Hlavacka
Matt Hlavacka
December 15th, 2022
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LinkedIn has become one of the most popular networking platforms for business professionals.

With over 800 million users, LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity for generating leads, especially if you're in sales or marketing.

However, if you use LinkedIn to grow your business, manually sending personalized messages and following up with prospects can take a ton of time.

Many businesses use LinkedIn automation tools like Icereach to help scale their outreach efforts. These tools allow you to send personalized messages to multiple prospects, schedule follow-ups, and track the progress of your campaigns in one place.

Even with automation tools, it can still be tough to keep up with the demands of LinkedIn lead generation. That's where a LinkedIn outreach agency can be beneficial.

We've compiled a list of the top 10 agencies to help you reach your goals.

What is a LinkedIn outreach agency?

First off, what exactly does a LinkedIn outreach agency do, and how can it benefit your business?

LinkedIn outreach agency specializes in helping businesses generate leads and build relationships with potential clients through LinkedIn.

In addition, they employ experts who understand how LinkedIn works and how to reach the best prospects and bring in qualified leads.

But what exactly do these agencies offer? Here are the main 5 ways they can help:

  1. Craft messages and follow-ups that speak directly to the needs and interests of each potential lead.

  2. Set up LinkedIn automation tools to automate cold outreach that you would have to do manually otherwise.

  3. Create and share valuable content that showcases your expertise and helps you stand out as a thought leader in your industry.

  4. LinkedIn profile optimization to gain more views.

  5. Create and manage LinkedIn Ads to reach a larger audience.

In short, these agencies can be a great way to get a leg up on the competition. They help your business maximize its LinkedIn presence and reach its target audience.

How to choose a LinkedIn outreach agency?

If you're struggling to get noticed or to stand out, it might be a good time to consider hiring a LinkedIn outreach agency. Most agencies have been in business for years and have spent many hours creating proven lead-generation strategies to grow any business.

But how do you decide which agency to hire for your LinkedIn outreach efforts?

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Look for an agency with a history of success and satisfied clients.

  2. Find an agency that understands your niche and target audience.

  3. LinkedIn outreach can be a valuable investment but don't forget about your budget.

  4. There are huge agencies operating hundreds of accounts or freelancers managing a dozen, choose wisely.

Now that you know what to look for when hiring a LinkedIn outreach agency, let's look at the best agencies and their offers.

10 Best LinkedIn Outreach Agencies

Most agencies have proven statistics behind their mechanisms and will provide you with customizable plans that will work best to grow your platforms.

Several outreach agencies will guarantee a set amount of leads per day, week, and month.

Here are a few of our favorite options 👇

1. Stormbreaker Digital

Stormbreaker Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in developing customized marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

They offer various services, including social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and web design and development.

In addition, the agency also offers a variety of other services, such as LinkedIn outreach strategy, market research, and competitive analysis.


Stormbreaker digital has a three-step process for making things work for you and your needs:

  1. Increase your online traffic. They will decide how much paid traffic, organic, and growth hacking is necessary based on your needs.

  2. Set up a high-performing sales funnel.

  3. Grow (or continue to grow) your database of customers.

Stormbreaker is now officially certified through Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. They also offer $1,000 worth of Custom Growth Marketing Strategy for free.

2. Modern Outbound

Modern Outbound is a new type of outbound sales organization. They believe the contemporary outbound sales process should be more human, transparent, and data-driven.

Their goal is to help sales organizations close more deals by providing them with the tools, training, and resources they need to succeed.

In addition to the software platform, Modern Outbound also offers several services, including:

  • Lead generation with targeted list building

  • Appointment setting

  • Customer intelligence

  • A detailed and personalized process

  • Outreach strategy

modern outbound

Modern Outbound believes that lead generation alone is not enough. Instead, they focus on increasing engagement, building relationships, and helping you stand out from competitors.

They say outsourcing your help doesn't have to be all or nothing. They see that 40% of companies who outsource will also use a sales/marketing concept within their company.

3. Lead Hustle

Lead Hustle is a service that helps companies generate leads and schedule appointments. They find potential customers online and nurture them through LinkedIn and email until they are qualified to be passed on to the client.

This agency will help with the following:

  • build and grow your LinkedIn network strategically

  • design unique messaging campaigns

  • find verified email addresses and phone numbers of your targeted prospects


They offer a pay-per-lead pricing model, meaning that companies only pay for the generated leads and not for any other services but also promise 20 to 40 positive conversations per month.

The pricing goes from $249/month to $1,499/month for LinkedIn outreach and $485/month to $985/month for email marketing.

You can test them out with a free trial so companies can try the service before committing to it.

4. Yay! Starter

Yay! Starter is a digital marketing company based in Putney, South West London, and has been offering top-notch services for over 20 years.

Yay! Starter found it odd that big and small startups had trouble finding digital marketing services tailored to their business and needs. So they decided to solve the problem themselves.

Their services include:

  • Content marketing and SEO

  • Cold outreach via LinkedIn and Sales Navigator

  • LinkedIn marketing

  • B2B lead generation

  • Email marketing

  • LinkedIn prospecting


The agency helps its clients succeed by creating personalized plans specifically for them.

Yay! Starter has worked with well-known companies such as Coca-Cola, Paybase, and Openclassrooms and has received multiple awards proudly displayed on its homepage.

5. SellStack

SellStack is an on-demand revenue team that will deliver revenue and resources to your business. It’s all about sales.

At SellStack, they offer "revenue as a service" and pride themselves on providing top-notch services at a price that works for any budget. They believe that all businesses, big or small, should have access to powerful marketing tools.


SellStack has teamed up with huge companies such as HubSpot, Sellcrowd, and SurveyMonkey to get the best results using their technology.

They offer a range of packages starting with their Entry Stack at $1,599, Bask Stack for $2,499, or Sales Elite at $3,199.

The most beneficial and customizable packet, their Premium Stack, is a customized price based on your company's needs.

6. Speedwork Social

Speedwork Social helps companies target more significant customers, generate more sales leads, and grow their company at a rapid pace.

They are LinkedIn advertising, social media marketing, and lead generation experts.

They provide companies with:

  • proven campaign strategies

  • ongoing account management for all of your social media needs

  • lead nurturing

  • personalized training

  • ad accounts audits

  • customized courses.


Speedwork also offers a free five-minute lead guide, showing you all the ins and outs they provide for their clients.

You can start your collaboration with a free consultation and take it from there.

7. Out2Bound

Out2Bound is a sales development agency focused on helping technology companies generate new leads and sales while accessing new global markets.

Their approach is hyperspecialized in outbound sales development and offers unique solutions to meet each client's individual goals and needs. Services include:

  • consultancy

  • strategy

  • execution

  • campaign analysis

  • market feedback


Also, their services mostly address tech companies (software development, mobile, web, SaaS), and their printing is as personalized as their services.

8. Office Optim

Office Optim is a B2B lead generation and appointment-setting service.

They have a four-step process that includes onboarding, lead generation, outreach, and campaign management.

Office Optim's aim for its customers is to get a steady flow of leads and achieve high success rates with its outreach efforts.

Their website shares impressive statistics for their outreach campaigns, including 50-75% open rates and 5-12% reply rates.

office optim

Office Optim handles the entire lead generation process for you, from creating throwaway email addresses to managing leads until they're ready to buy.

They even use a similar domain to protect your primary domain and email address.

9. SalesBread

SalesBread is a tool that helps sales professionals generate leads and connect with potential customers through LinkedIn outreach. They promise at least 1 lead per day and over 20 sales-qualified leads per month.

Some of the features offered by SalesBread include:

  • The ability to create targeted lists of leads

  • Automated email and LinkedIn lead generation

  • Real-time results tracking

SalesBread also offers several templates and resources to help users get the most out of their outreach campaigns.


Overall, SalesBread is an easy-to-use tool that can help sales professionals boost productivity and connect with more potential customers.

To help you get headed in the right direction, SalesBread offers a free CTA Swipe File and Cold Email Outreach Podcast.

10. SocioMerce

SocioMerce is a new dutch platform offering a unique take on lead generation and outreach through LinkedIn, email, or phone.

SocioMerce works by connecting businesses with potential customers through its platform. Companies can create profile pages on SocioMerce, which include information about their products or services.

Customers can then browse these pages and reach out to businesses that they are interested in.


Their goal is to make it easy for businesses to connect with potential customers and for customers to discover new companies that interest them.

Due to its approach, SocioMerce is a unique and innovative way to serve companies and potential clients needing services or products.

It will revolutionize how businesses generate leads and approach outreach to customers.

Can I Perform LinkedIn Outreach Myself?

While hiring an agency to handle your LinkedIn outreach can be a convenient option, it can also be expensive and may not always align with your company's needs.

Another option is to handle your LinkedIn outreach in-house using automation tools for LinkedIn.

A LinkedIn lead generation tool like Icereach allows you more control over your outbound flow and can save you money in the long run.

In conclusion, while hiring an agency for LinkedIn outreach can be a valuable option, it's also worth considering the benefits of handling your outreach in-house using available tools.

Reach 100+ leads a week on autopilot
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