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9 LinkedIn Post Best Practices for Organic Growth

Matt Hlavacka
Matt Hlavacka
December 4th, 2022
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It’s always important to grow as a professional and keep up with industry changes. Like in any other profession, sales tactics that perform well are constantly improving and changing.

That’s why you should always check in with other people and exchange experiences and best practices.

Besides, the more you talk about it and offer helpful advice, the more you solidify your expert status in the business.

This article will walk you through the nine Linkedin post best practices you must follow to grow your brand organically.

So let’s dive in!

1. Post on LinkedIn Regularly

The first rule of thumb is to be present. That means posting regularly and interacting with the comments you receive on your posts.

When it comes to posting on Linkedin, there are no specific LinkedIn post specs, but most professionals advise posting daily, if not two times per day.

linkedin post frequency

However, your content must also be memorable, so volume alone will not suffice.

Not everyone has the time for daily posts. But you can still add value by ensuring your content has insights, touches on important and relevant subjects, and makes people think.

So make sure you’re posting at least a couple of times per week, but make it count by being engaging.

It’s that simple.

2. Share Your Insights

When deciding what to write in your post, the best action is to draw from your experience.

Write content on topics only you could talk about: something you’ve learned, unique situations you’ve come across, solutions you’ve found to challenges.

linkedin feed post

In other words, share your insights as a sales expert, and you’ll have a much better chance of drawing people in.

Pro Tip: Add emojis to Linkedin posts. It gives your posts a personalized touch and makes them look attractive.

3. Be Selective About What You Share

It’s always tempting to self-promote when you have a platform. And that can be ok, as long as you don’t make it a habit of doing this with every post.

People like a personal approach and want to hear your thoughts, so that’s the content they’ll connect with.

Instead of overselling yourself, try posting informative articles, short videos or podcasts, infographics, and research.

4. Engage with Clients and Leads

Apart from posting your content, it’s always a good idea to look at what your clients and leads say. Follow their posts and engage with them.

Be supportive of their achievements and share helpful advice when possible. It will strengthen your bond.

linkedin client interaction

Like the comment in the image above, it’s important to write insightful comments.

Appeal to your prospects with comments that show thought and relevance to their posts while avoiding generic ones such as “Thanks for sharing”.

Quality comments take time, but this free Chrome extension tool, Engage AI, can get you around it. This AI can write the comments for you based on your prospect’s post content.

5. Check Content Performance

To understand what type of posts and messages your connections find interesting, you can peek at LinkedIn’s analytics section.

LinkedIn post performance

Take a look at the stats to understand what posts and topics get the most reactions, comments, and shares. This will help you improve the relevancy of your content.

You can also check what content works for other professionals in the same field to draw some extra inspiration.

6. Find Relevant Groups

Your ideal buyer persona will likely use groups to sharpen their skills. So why not be part of the conversation?

Look for LinkedIn professional groups dedicated to the industry or industries of your potential clients, and join some of the more active ones.

It’s an efficient way of strengthening your position as an expert and finding a new pool of prospects. Besides, you can message group members on LinkedIn directly without sending a connection invite first.

To build your reputation, answer pressing issues, share content and add insights beyond self-promotion.

linkedin groups

7. Start Sales Conversations in Posts

Sales talk is not just for networking events and private conferences. Sharing your thoughts, dilemmas, and ideas in public posts might give you answers you wouldn’t otherwise find.

LinkedIn is a huge platform to help you reach people outside your regular networking events.

All you need to do is start that conversation on an intriguing subject, and your network will participate.

8. Talk About Sales Tactics in Groups

Active LinkedIn groups are great platforms for like-minded individuals. Look for groups discussing sales with active user participation.

You’ll find an array of posts tackling different issues. Join the conversation, but share your posts as well. It’s an easy way to both learn and expand your network.

linkedin group posts

9. Discuss Sales in Your Outreach

Your clients and leads might be facing difficulties in reaching their sales targets.

Especially when you’re targeting decision-makers and executives who always have an eye on sales and performance stats.

Use your knowledge and experience to include helpful tips in your outreach messages. You can also highlight how your product or service will help them reach those KPIs.

Wrapping Up

If your company sells a B2B product or service, Linkedin can be one of the most promising channels for getting customers.

But to get your customers’ attention, you must first make them aware of your brand and product. You can do this by posting highly relevant content your target audience might like to read and know about.

The Linkedin post best practices mentioned in the article will help you grow your network and eventually find leads for your business.

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