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LinkedIn Outreach Tips and Strategies for Marketing Teams

Matt Hlavacka
Matt Hlavacka
June 29th, 2022
linkedin tips

LinkedIn is the king of business-driven content and lead generation, which makes it a dream platform for any marketer. But have you tried performing outreach campaigns on LinkedIn?

To give you an idea, InMail response rate is 3x higher than regular email, according to LinkedIn's Editors.

A strong LinkedIn outreach strategy will generate more leads and improve the results of other marketing efforts such as promotions, discounts, and content marketing.

In this article, you'll learn why LinkedIn outreach should be a core pillar of your general marketing strategy and how marketers can take full advantage of this tactic.

What Is an Outreach Marketing Strategy on LinkedIn?

An outreach marketing strategy means using goal-oriented tactics to reach out to LinkedIn professionals and pitch specific benefits of a product, a piece of content, or even collaborations.

Outreach campaigns allow you to expand the reach of your marketing efforts with the help of other industry experts that share your target audience.

Just as with email, there are plenty of outreach tools for LinkedIn that help you do it quickly and efficiently.

What Are the Benefits of LinkedIn Outreach for Marketing Teams?

The goals of a LinkedIn outreach campaign are to strengthen your brand's reputation and support sales.

Here are some of the benefits of a solid outreach campaign:

  • Boost lead generation

Some of your target audience might have no idea who you are but could be using a competitive product. It's a good idea to introduce them to what you have to offer.

If you have a good product or service that can solve a problem for the people you contact, chances are they'll take you up on your offer.

A useful proposal pitched to the right audience will always bring new clients.


Learn how to create an outreach campaign that generates leads!
  • Develop brand awareness

Get in touch with other people in your industry.

A great collaboration can introduce you to a new audience, and these relationships will start at a higher level of trust.

Partner up with brands that have common values to yours and a loyal client base. Their audience might just give your product a try as well, especially if both products have complementary purposes.

  • Create relationships within your industry

Networking and developing relationships with other industry experts on LinkedIn is as important as doing it in real life, at conferences and events. With the added bonus that you get some one-on-one time with people.

You could exchange notes, experiences, and advice, or find practical ways of working together in the future on mutually beneficial projects.

  • Support your content marketing efforts

A big part of your content marketing and SEO strategy involves a lot of link building. In today's digital context, the classic email outreach is simply not enough to reach those top industry publications.


By expanding your outreach to LinkedIn, you'll improve your chances of reaching those top prospects (whose email inboxes are likely overflowing) on a less competitive platform.

7 Successful LinkedIn Outreach Strategies for Marketers

Now that you've gone through some of your outreach goals, here are a few ways to achieve them. We gathered 7 campaign strategies that will bring results.

1. Promote content

You've got a portfolio of great content on your company blog, but need more eyes on it. An outreach campaign can increase traffic and conversions.

97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing, studies show. Well, on top of simply posting a link on LinkedIn, you can also share your content directly with reputable experts and publishers.

If your information is valuable and enticing, they'll likely use it in their own articles and quote you as a source, or even invite you to write a guest post for them.

The outcome? Valuable links from authoritative sources for your SEO strategy, introduction to new audiences, increased traffic and brand awareness.

Discover convincing B2B outreach templates!

2. Promote your product or new product features

You've spent weeks or even months on developing a new product or a great new feature. Now people need to hear about it.

However, the key is not to sell the product itself, but rather its benefits for your potential clients. The golden rule is to help first and sell later.

On this note, create a few outreach campaigns dedicated to existing clients, potential clients, and industry publishers in which you explain what problem will your product solve.


3. Find co-marketing partners

Co-marketing is a great strategy when you want to expand your audience reach.

It implies partnering with another brand that has similar values, a similar target audience, and a related product or service, in order to release a special project together.


When working together, you outline the details of the project and divide the tasks between the two teams based on each side's strong suits.

The greatest advantage? While the audience of your project doubles, the workload gets cut down to half.

4. Find influencers for your campaigns

Influencer marketing is no longer a throw-away strategy, decided if and when "we have any marketing budget left over".

This tactic has proven its worth with more and more B2B and B2C companies adopting influencer campaigns, and getting good results.

But while B2C companies can find their influencers on all social platforms, B2B brands tend to have more success on LinkedIn.


Industry leaders, experts, and even successful entrepreneurs will be easy to find on LinkedIn, with just a simple search.

All you need to do is follow what they post and find the person that could use your product in their work, but also has the audience to match.

5. Nurture client relationships

Client loyalty is more important than ever. If you regularly use emails to offer updates and news to your clients, why not do the same on LinkedIn as well?

LinkedIn can help you create and nurture relationships with your existing clients by delivering them information catered to their specific needs.

During an outreach to existing clients, you can personalize your message in a way that mimics the one-on-one experience.

There's also something to be said about the intimacy of a private LinkedIn message, rather than a cold mass email.

6. Gather data for studies

Polls are an effective way to measure the success of certain marketing efforts, uncover industry needs that you might have overlooked, or even test out responses to different products.

And there's no better focus group than your own connections. Simply create an outreach campaign in which you ask people to answer your polls and offer insights.


You can then use that data to outline answers that help optimize your strategy, or even create studies that can benefit your entire industry.

7. Promote giveaways and discounts

Outreach can also prove to be very effective in supporting more general marketing activations.

If you're already developing discount or giveaway campaigns, you can also add outreach to your promotion strategy and let your connections know about the benefits.

But be mindful of what you choose to promote.

Only focus on offers that are beneficial to your prospects, and be selective of the number of times you send these offers. Otherwise, you run the risk of being spammy.

Types of Outreach Marketing: LinkedIn vs Email

Should you perform an outreach campaign via email or LinkedIn?

The short answer is that any outreach campaign you can perform by email, you can also adapt to LinkedIn.

The differences between the two don't lie within the strategy, by rather within how each platform operates and the limitations they enforce.

Sending limits

Outreach is a numbers game, but both platforms have certain limits when it comes to the number of emails/messages you can send.

However, with emails, the limits are much higher and you could easily send hundreds of messages within a single campaign.

The exact number of emails you're allowed to send typically depends on the email provider you use, the pricing plan you purchased, or the outreach tools you've chosen for your campaigns.

With LinkedIn, there is a 100 invite limit per week and a 50 InMail limit per month when using Sales Navigator. You can also accumulate InMail credits for every InMail message that receives a response within 90 days of the send date.

Worth mentioning that once you've warmed up your LinkedIn account by gradually increasing the number of invitations sent out per day, and have received a decent response rate, your limit can increase.

Additionally, you can split the outreach campaign between you and your teammates and double the number of messages you're sending out as a team.

So with a bit of planning, you can still deliver a large number of messages on LinkedIn as well.


When it comes to email outreach, the option of sending more emails in one round is a clear advantage.

Another advantage is that there is a wide array of tools that can help with prospecting, email gathering, and bulk deliveries, which speed up the process significantly.

At the same time, tools can help you manage and organize your campaigns and responses.

The biggest advantage of LinkedIn outreach is the high reply rates compared to email response rates. Despite sending out fewer messages, the results seem to be better, with less effort involved.

Similarly, there are a few outreach tools designed for LinkedIn that automate the manual parts of the outreach process, while keeping your account safe from being restricted by LinkedIn.

By automating your outreach, you circumvent the tedious work and save hours of your time.

You'll keep track of your responses and manage your follow-ups more easily, as well as have a clear overview of the prospects that reply and are interested in your offer.


Icereach, for one, helps identify your prospects from LinkedIn searches and automatically builds a prospecting list with contact details. You can also split your prospects into different campaigns, send highly personalized messages to each contact, and track your campaign results.


With email outreach, sending too many emails without a warm-up process, not authenticating your emails, or using spammy subject lines, links, and attachments can highly damage your domain's reputation and deliverability.

Building your reputation back up is extremely laborious and time-consuming, and may not even be possible in some cases. So although limits are a bit looser, you still run the risk of going too far.

With LinkedIn outreach, going above their very strict limits will result in a warning that you might be using automation. In this case, we strongly recommend stopping your outreach from that profile. If you wish to continue, you can do so from another profile, with no harm done.

Ignoring the warning will end in a restriction or a swift ban of your LinkedIn account, which doesn't leave you with too many options.

While a temporary restriction will be ultimately lifted, to recover a banned account you'll need to contact LinkedIn Support or LinkedIn Help and try to appeal it.

To avoid this, use cloud-based outreach tools that combine several security measures to comply with LinkedIn rules and ensure a 0% ban rate. Some of these include automatic account warm-up, time-zone settings, and access to a unique IP address from your region.

Tip❗️ Regardless of the platform you choose for outreach, remember to first warm up your account by sending fewer messages, and slowly increasing the number with time.

Try performing LinkedIn Outreach safely

Wrapping Up

More and more marketers are shifting their focus to LinkedIn as a primary platform.

When using LinkedIn, marketers see up to double the conversion rates and up to triple the lift in brand attributes when advertising on LinkedIn, the platforms shows.

And the response isn't any different when you focus on outreach, with InMails getting significantly more responses than emails.

Slowly, but surely, email strategies for promotion and lead generation start being backed by LinkedIn strategies.

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