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LinkedIn Prospecting Tips for Recruiters: Find the Right Candidates for the Job

Matt Hlavacka
Matt Hlavacka
June 16th, 2022
linkedin tips

Nobody beats LinkedIn at delivering quality hires since every minute, 4 hires are made. That’s LinkedIn’s claim and promise to recruiters.

And with 40 million job seekers visiting the platform weekly, it’s hard to disagree. But the question becomes: how do you and your company stand out in order to find and attract the right candidates?

In this article, we’ve comprised a few tips that will make your recruiting efforts much easier and more effective.

LinkedIn Profile Tips for Recruiters

First thing’s first. A strong LinkedIn profile can tell people a lot about a company and might be the deciding factor on whether they want to join it or not. It’s your virtual calling card.

Make sure you create a strong profile for your company, as well as for yourself, as a representative of that company.

If you’re part of an external recruitment team, offer your client suggestions to improve their company page. They’ll appreciate your care and attention to detail.

1. Create a company profile

It shouldn’t be a secret anymore that any company needs a LinkedIn page that is transparent and can appeal to like-minded people.

Make sure you have a detailed description with information about

  • what the company does

  • company values

  • company goals and mission

  • who your clients are


Don’t ignore other fields such as the URL for your website, your location, adding a few relevant hashtags for your industry, together with a custom button for easier contact.

If you’re an in-house recruiter, your company profile can also work as a hub for all of your efforts and job listings.

2. Improve your own profile

Your personal profile matters just as much as the company profile. Whether you’ll be contacting applicants via phone, email, or LinkedIn, people will most likely go directly to your LinkedIn profile to see who you are.

For this reason, it’s better to build your description and mention your shared values with the company you represent.

If you are part of an external HR team, filling out all the information about you, as well as your professional goals will be even more important in nurturing trust.

Show your passion for the job and let people know what makes you the perfect bridge between clients and applicants.

3. Pay attention to a potential candidate's profile

Since you’ll be willing to put in the effort, candidates should be expected to do the same.

You shouldn’t waste hours on end on interviews that won’t lead anywhere. Before pitching a job opportunity to anyone, make sure their profile outlines some key points you are looking for:

  • Does their description fit your company’s needs?

  • Does their overall experience match the position?

  • Do they have experience in specific tasks the job entails?

  • Have they worked in similar companies?

  • Are they familiar with the industry?

  • Do their values match?

Everything in a potential candidate’s profile can be an insight that answers those questions.

LinkedIn Search Tips for Recruiters

Searching for the perfect potential applicants for certain professional roles might be the most difficult step in the entire hiring process.

Here are a few tips on how to streamline the process and find prospects for your outreach.

1. Use LinkedIn’s free search bar

The easiest and most budget-friendly option to find new prospects is by using the free search bar provided by LinkedIn.

You can use it to search for relevant keywords, job titles, or even skills needed for your open positions.

Apply filters to narrow down 2nd or 3rd degree connections, their location, education, or even present and past companies they’ve worked for.


To create a list of your search results, you can insert your search link into apps like Icereach. It will automatically compile a comprehensive pre-filled prospecting list with contact information (including email, if available) and current job details.

2. Explore existing connections on LinkedIn

When looking for new talent, first-degree connections might be easy to overlook. In reality, if someone is already following you or your company, some trust is already built.

Your connections or company followers already know you, have seen your posts and ideas, and have already found common ground.

They have already converted into warm leads, so you won’t need to come up with elaborate and convincing pitches.

Explore your existing connections and find the people with the right skills for your job openings. If they already share your company values, it should be a very smooth process.

3. Use LinkedIn Recruiter effectively

LinkedIn Recruiter is a native hiring platform that helps recruiters every step of the way: from finding people to connecting with them and managing your pipeline.

Here are some benefits that will help improve your prospecting:

  • Access to hundreds of millions of LinkedIn members

  • Fast searches through useful filters, boolean search, and recommendations

  • Search analytics with insights that help improve prospecting

  • 150 In-Mail messages per profile and customized

    cold outreach templates
  • Talent pipeline management with shared folders for projects, reminders, smart to-do lists, and even applicant notes.

Another great bonus of this platform consists of some features designed to make your searches as effective as possible:

  • Find more people like’ feature: This allows you to insert the profiles of your top performers at a certain role, and create a search based on their qualifications to find people with similar backgrounds.

  • Apply starters’ feature: Many job seekers may start applying for a job but never finish the entire process for one reason or another. This feature allows them to share their full profile with the company before they start their job application, and then recruiters can find them with the Past Applicants Spotlight.


Worth mentioning that this is a paid service, and prices can start from $1400 for LinkedIn Recruiter Lite for small teams.

4. Use LinkedIn Talent Hub

A step above LinkedIn Recruiter is LinkedIn Talent Hub, which is another tracking and management system that brings together LinkedIn Jobs and Recruiter, all in one place.

Its main advantage is that you will no longer have to switch back and forth between platforms, emails, or messages, as you’ll have all of your info in your applicant tracking system (ATS).

Here’s how you can use it:

  • Post your available job with details and description. You’ll receive recommendations from Talent Hub based on millions of other postings

  • Approve job posts

  • Look through the profile overviews of candidates who applied for your job posting

  • Share candidates’ details with your team

  • Get and review feedback and notes from your team

  • Schedule interviews with candidates

  • Provide feedback to candidates after their interview

  • Follow as each candidate goes through the pipeline


LinkedIn Talent Hub is also a paid system, and applies custom pricing plans, on a case-by-case basis.

5. Add employees and colleagues as connections

Employees are the best ambassadors of your company. If they’re happy with the job and the work culture, they’ll no doubt offer referrals for the available positions.

Make sure employees follow the company page and your colleagues are part of your list of connections.

This way, your employees’ connections can find your company faster or can even inquire for details about working there from people they already know.

6. Join relevant groups

Professional groups with active user bases can be a great talent pool. Join groups that are relevant to your job listings and industry, alumni groups, and regional or even global groups.

You’ll be able to uncover insights into similar positions, contact people whose posts stand out, or even post your job opportunity there.

Before joining, remember to look up the group rules to make sure you’re allowed to post your listings there.

LinkedIn Tips for Job Pitches

Once you’ve got your prospecting lists, it’s time to craft compelling pitches for your potential candidates. Here are a few pointers that will help you write successful pitches.

1. Post a detailed job description

Any pitch you make will become irrelevant without a strong job listing to back it up.

Whether you post free or paid job listings, the key is to make your description clear, detailed, but easy to follow.

No fluff. Offer enough information to paint a picture of what their day-to-day work life would look like, but don’t go overboard with so many details that would turn your job post into a small novel.

But, most importantly, remember to use a soft, conversational tone of voice. Experienced professionals tend to avoid robotic messages full of buzzwords that don’t mean anything.

Mention a few details about your company and its culture, a relevant job title, the department in which they’ll be working, key responsibilities, required qualifications, and, of course, salary and benefits.

2. Personalize your messages

Each individual is different, and each job targets different types of people. Your messages should never be a one size fits all, especially when it comes to cold outreach.

Good talent typically receives a lot of opportunities, so sending them messages with job pitches that stand out is the only way to reach them.

Divide your list of candidates into small groups with similar profiles, personalize your messages for each group, and then add placeholders for individual information such as their name, current employer, occupation, etc.


You can also use either InMails or connection request messages, but remember to adjust the length of your pitches according to LinkedIn’s character limits (1,900 characters for InMails and 300 characters for messages).

Get inspiration from these personalized templates!

3. Reach more candidates in less time

Lots of jobs to fill, lots of candidates to reach?

You have the option to accelerate the outreach and automize it with a bit of help from some dedicated tools meant to handle this for you in a safe manner.

Outreach tools such as Icereach can help you grow your network and increase your pool of candidates by reaching them through personalized messages sent at scale, in minutes.

They link up to your searches and allow you to add your Excel prospecting list, then offer smart and dynamic placeholders for your messages to obtain personalized results.

And when it comes to LinkedIn, safety is the number one concern.

Since the platform favors human behavior, the best outreach tools have complied and set in place strong safeguards meant to warm up your account, stay within allowed weekly limits, mimic different geographical working hours, and use unique IPs when sending your pitches.

Try outreach automation tools!


The top professionals you’ll want working for you are not that hard to find, once you become an ace at prospecting. And LinkedIn is an unbelievable pool of talent, with plenty of resources for recruiters, both paid and free.

To maximize your chances of success, we created the above list of profile, search, and job listing tips for recruiters that we swear by.

Happy recruiting! 👋

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