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Add a LinkedIn account

Alexander Dahud
Posted by Alexander Dahud
Updated on November 7th, 2022

After you sign in on Icereach for the first time, you are asked to add your LinkedIn account.

add linkedin account

Learn how to connect a new account to Icereach in a few simple steps.

Add your LinkedIn credentials

  1. Insert your LinkedIn login and password. Your LinkedIn credentials are only used to connect your account to Icereach.

    linkedin credentials
  2. Click on the company input field and select Create a new company.

  3. Enter your company name and save it. The company helps you better organize your accounts.

    linkedin company dialog
  4. Choose your account’s time zone. We recommend selecting a time zone in your account's work hours.

  5. Click Next, which takes you to select your plan

Add plan

  1. After selecting your plan, click on Continue.

    free trial plan

  2. Fill in your details and click Subscribe. You can try Icereach with all features included without being charged for the next 7 days.

    payment form
  3. After activating your subscription, you'll be redirected to the Country selection.

Select your country

We provide a dedicated IP address used only for your LinkedIn account to ensure a secure connection.

  1. Select a home country from which you normally connect to your LinkedIn account.

  2. Click continue, which takes you to the Finish page.

Sync your LinkedIn account

In the last step, we sync your LinkedIn account, and you might be asked to insert an email PIN to verify it’s your account.

If you made a mistake with your login or password, the system automatically notifies you, and you can input the correct login or password and start the syncing again.

Once synced and verified, you will be redirected to the Dashboard.

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