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Trigger a Webhook

Alexander Dahud
Posted by Alexander Dahud
Updated on November 8th, 2022

Let's create a new webhook. For this purpose, we are going to use Zapier, you can also use other tools, such as Make.

Webhook with Zapier

  1. Go to Zapier and log into your account

  2. Click on Create zap

create zap

3. Name your Zap.

4. Type Webhooks with Zapier in the Choose app & event section and choose an app.


5. Choose a trigger event called Catch Hook. You will be given three choices, but you should choose Catch Hook from the list.

6. Press Continue on the step Set up a trigger.


 7. In the test trigger, there will be a link – click on Copy (it will turn into Copied when done).


8. Click on the Continue

Setup webhook trigger on Icereach

  1. Go to Icereach and Login

2. Click on Integrations and select Setup Webhooks.


3. Click on Add webhook.

Add webhook

4. When you click on Add webhook, a pop-up screen will appear.

create webhook

5. Choose the trigger action you want. You should choose the event when you want your hook to be triggered (connection request sent, connection request accepted...).

webhook event

6. Paste the URL you copied earlier from Zapier.

webhooks zapier hook url

7. Click on Save webhook.

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