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100% Safe Automated LinkedIn Outreach at Scale

Avoid getting restricted by LinkedIn with our unique IP address from your country and smart limits to comply with LinkedIn rules resulting in a 0% ban rate. Outreach at scale with Icereach is entirely safe and secure.

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100% Safe Automated LinkedIn Outreach at Scale

Safe LinkedIn automation software trusted by clients who get more replies

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Automate your LinkedIn outreach with no risk

We combine several security measures to comply with LinkedIn rules resulting in no penalties for connected accounts.

Access from your unique IP address

You get a unique IP address from your local region assigned to your account to ensure all LinkedIn actions are made naturally without causing suspicion.

Avoid LinkedIn jail with Icereach

Avoid LinkedIn jail with Icereach

LinkedIn began experimenting with the weekly limit and most accounts can send from 100 invitations per week.
Automatically randomize the number of invites and messages sent per day to comply with the LinkedIn limits.

Warm up your LinkedIn account gradually

Warm up your LinkedIn account gradually

Just like athletes need to warm up before a game, your LinkedIn account needs to warm up before you start sending multiple invitations daily. Best part? It's 100% automatic.

Your schedule with no restrictions

Contact your prospects at the right time to increase the change of the reply without staying on LinkedIn during the night. Appear human to LinkedIn while you remain in control of scheduling.

Reliable for automated outreach at scale

We've tried many tools on the market, and Icereach is a must-have for a LinkedIn lead generation agency. Icereach allows us to scale the number of client LinkedIn accounts we can manage.
Sales development agency
Such a reliable tool for LinkedIn Automation! We use Icereach to turn LinkedIn outreach into free trial signups. It allows us to reach out to our target audience through relevant and personal messages at scale.
Marek Hozak
Marketing Manager,
Great tool! Up and running immediately, and we had massive success using Icereach to scale our LinkedIn outreach. Request a demo if you are still in doubt. You won't be disappointed.
Tomas Sroka
Co-Founder, Visitero

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Frequently asked questions

Decide if Icereach is right for you

Why is Icereach LinkedIn automation safe to use?

We combine several security measures to ensure your account security. Our algorithm uses random delays between LinkedIn actions to ensure everything looks natural. Each account has access to a unique IP address from your region. We use smart limits, automatic warm-up to comply with LinkedIn rules resulting in a 0% ban rate.

What's the LinkedIn invitation limit per week?

You can send from 100 invitations on LinkedIn per week, with some accounts sending 200-300 invitations per week.
However, we recommend gradually scaling up your daily limit by using our automated account warm-up and focusing on increasing your acceptance rate, as this is a significant factor in how many connection requests LinkedIn allows you to send.

What is the safest LinkedIn automation tool?

If you need an easy-to-use yet safe and powerful LinkedIn automation tool to outreach at scale, Icereach is for you. Icereach makes it seamless to run sales campaigns, personalize messages and automate follow-ups on LinkedIn while keeping you account safe.

How can I get more leads on LinkedIn without getting banned?

LinkedIn doesn't like suspicious activity and spamming people.
To ensure your account is safe, you should use personalized messages, target the right audience, keep your acceptance rate high and use the safe LinkedIn automation tool like Icereach.

How many connection requests can I send per day?

You can send about 20-30 connection requests per day on LinkedIn. Avoid getting suspended by gradually increasing the number of connections you send every day.

Does my account connect from a unique IP address?

Yes! You'll get a unique IP address from your region to ensure your account safety with each account.

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